Welcome to the home of the Angry Primate Extravaganza [APE]

We're a long standing conglomerate of hardcore gibbons who like shooting stuff, blowing things up and, errr, the occasional spot of mining.

Join us on IRC, irc.quakenet.org #apegaming. If you have MIRC click here alternatively use the onsite java client

We're also fickle monkeys - so don't be surprised to find a bunch of us playing the latest releases and temporarily ignoring our past playthings...

Our teamspeak server can be found here: ts.apegaming.net

clock Fest - on dreadmist as a rogue with old guild from vanilla
20/5/2020 14:22:30
clock frood - And finally on Bloodfang with Froodun the Warlock :P
16/3/2020 15:23:58
clock frood - Welp... ended up on Dreadmist with Frood the...Warrior?
27/8/2019 20:33:48
clock frood - Position in queue 17495 Esitmated time:112 minutes. Ahhhhh.....just like release day :D
26/8/2019 22:29:14
clock Vorteks - I found a big community on golemagg PvP. Horde ofc
18/8/2019 19:06:53

Development/Feature Requests/Bug Reports - Image Descriptions
Hello everybody!

If it's not too much trouble can you go through all the images you've uploaded and add tags? Just browse your images and click on the thumbnails.

Images are now searchable but only on the tags so fill them in.

Thank you!

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Announcements - Subscriptions
Following the recent removal of Kumnaa as overlord, apegaming.net needs a fresh source of monies to keep providing you with awesomeness. Now available to all APEs and above are subscriptions: apegaming.net needs you!

There will be 2 options for any willing conscripts and initial(maybe even future) benefits:

£3 Sub

£3 per month gets you access to several features unavailable to the miserable unsubbed forum memebers as well as a shiney spinny medal underneath your avatar.

£7 Sub

£7 per month will give you the same benefits as the £3 sub plus a permanent banner slot in rotation at the top of the page.

By signing up you show your love and support for not only www.apegaming.net but all the other little perks we like to deliver:
  • The carefully scripted and detailed mortal combat that is waged in Fight Club.
  • An unfinished Game?
  • Our Internationally acclaimed voice servers in both Teamspeak and Ventrilo flavours.
  • Custom Mods and other features are always in development and we're always keen to hear suggestions.

Subscriptions are our main source of revenue for all the maintenance and bandwidth chewed by apegaming.net, Your server Needs You!

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